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    No Win No Fee medical negligence compensation claims

    Also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, a No Win No Fee agreement removes the financial risk associated with a compensation claim. If your case is not successful, you will not have to pay any legal fees to Birchall Blackburn Law, and an insurance policy covers the defendant’s legal fees. You will not be out of pocket.

    Misdiagnosis or undiagnosed medical negligence compensation claims

    In our experience, people come to us for our clinical negligence expertise because then need to know what went wrong and to make sure it does not happen to someone else. In many cases they feel ignored and frustrated that they can’t get to the bottom of what happened, and that is where we come in. People just want us to get answers and to know that lessons have been learnt.

    Our medical negligence solicitors regularly deal with cases of misdiagnosis and in circumstances when medical conditions go undiagnosed. These sorts of medical mistakes can have a huge impact on you or a loved-one’s quality of life. The resulting illness or injury can be devastating. We have the expertise to take on the legal burdens of making a compensation claim and helping you go on to live the best life possible.

    Accredited quality and experience in medical negligence claims

    You can rest assured that our expert specialist clinical negligence solicitors have the expertise and legal knowledge to support your claim for compensation and rehabilitation.

    The Head of our Healthcare & Clinical Risk, and Partner, Andrew Taylor is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Quality Scheme. The Scheme is a recognised standard for quality in Clinical Negligence.

    Solicitor, Partner and Clinical Negligence specialist, Susan Liver is an accredited Person Injury Specialist Litigator with the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). APIL accreditation provides a quality mark of competence and specialist expertise for solicitors and counsel dealing with personal injury claims.

    How can we help you make a compensation claim for misdiagnosis or undiagnosed conditions?

    A stethoscope on a white sheet

    If you or a family member has suffered additional injury or illness because a doctor or other medical professional has misdiagnosed or failed to diagnose a medical condition, you will need help getting better and to move on to live the best life possible. The purpose of compensation is to help and support the injured person and/or their family to return to the position, or as close to as possible, that they would have been in had the medical misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose not taken place. Birchall Blackburn Law’s medical negligence solicitors are here to guide you through that legal processes, keep you up-to-date with your claim, find answers and fight your corner.

    We are here and ready with a wealth of experience, expertise and commitment in this important area of law. Just get in touch.


    What are common misdiagnosed medical conditions and other questions answered?

    • What are common misdiagnosed medical conditions?

      In these sorts of cases a GP, A&E doctor or other medical professional makes an incorrect diagnosis that results in further injury or illness to the patient, or in some extreme cases leads to death. Examples can include when a medical professional diagnoses a sprained ankle when in fact the ankle bone is fractured or a heart attack is diagnosed as a panic attack or heartburn.

      Birchall Blackburn Law’s clinical negligence team have experience in dealing with many types of complicated misdiagnosis cases, but the most common examples include:

      • Concussion and head injury misdiagnosis
      • Meningitis misdiagnosis
      • Failure or delay in diagnosing sepsis
      • Broken or fractured bone misdiagnosis
      • Tendon injury misdiagnosis
      • Heart attack or stroke misdiagnosis
      • Spinal compression injury misdiagnosis (e.g. cauda equina)
    • Can I claim compensation for a failure to diagnose my medical condition?

      Yes, you can if the failure to diagnose leads to additional injury or illness and there is evidence that the medical professional was negligent.

      In some circumstances a condition or illness can be completely missed and go undiagnosed by a medical professional. Birchall Blackburn Law’s specialist clinical negligence solicitors have dealt with cases where a patient has visited their GP over many years with a variety of health issues and the doctor has failed to recognise and diagnose a condition.

      Not only can this delay treatment while the condition gets increasingly worse but for many years it will impact on the quality of your or a loved-one’s life. There will be a physical and practical impact but also a psychological impact as you or a family member spends years worrying about what is wrong.

    • What do I do next if I or a loved-one has been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed?

      If you suspect that a medical professionals should have diagnosed your condition but failed to do so then it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

      A specialist Medical Negligence solicitor with plenty of experience in these sorts of case will be happy to talk to you in the first instance about what has happened to you and whether you will be able to claim compensation.

      Birchall Blackburn Law has decades of experience supporting people who have been misdiagnosed or undiagnosed. You can simply email or calls us and we will give you initial free and confidential advice about claiming compensation, with no obligations.

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    A stethoscope on a desk next to a laptop with hands typing

    - Did you know?

    There are 245,000 cases of sepsis a year in the UK and at least 48,000 deaths are related to the condition. It is estimated that of these deaths about 14,000 are preventable.

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