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    With you on every step of the home buying ladder

    Every year our conveyancing experts make more than 7,000 legal completions on homes across England and Wales. We guide you through every step, avoid legal jargon, keep you regularly updated, and answer your questions swiftly. All for a competitive and transparent price.

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    The Conveyancing Quality Scheme

    We are an accredited member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is a recognised standard for quality residential conveyancing.

    Free conveyancing calculator

    How much will your conveyancing cost? Check our solicitor and conveyancer prices by using our online conveyancing calculator to get a free quote.

    Or just give us a call and our experts will give you a free quote over the phone.

    How can we help when it comes to buying a house or other property?

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    Our solicitors and conveyancing experts can help you purchase anywhere in England or Wales, whether it is connected to a sale or independent, whether it is a home or an investment property, vacant or tenanted. Do you need a bigger home? Downsizing? Relocating through work? We’ll make it as smooth as possible.

    We can advise on mortgages and remortgages, property ownership involving more than one person and declarations of trust, cohabitation agreements, and buy to let investment purchases.

    Specialist solicitors can also support you during probate purchases. For example, if the property is the main asset and there is more than one beneficiary; we can assist where one or more beneficiaries are buying from others.

    All our residential conveyancing services

    As well as helping you buy your new home, our expert solicitors and conveyancers can help you with selling your current home, remortgaging, buy to let, letting a property, and auction purchases and sales.

    A good time to think about a Will?

    Now is a good time to do some life admin and get a Will.

    Owning a property is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and it increases your assets significantly. So, it’s a popular time to sort out your Will.

    What happens to my home, money and other assets if I don’t have a Will? When someone dies without making a Will, their assets are shared according to the Rules of Intestacy. Complete our 2-minute multiple choice questionnaire and find out where all your money, property and other assets will go if you don’t have a Will.

    What is a conveyancer and other questions about buying a home?

    • What is a conveyancer?

      When your bank or estate agent tells you that you will need a Conveyancer to help you buy or sell your home or other property, they mean a qualified and experienced professional who specialises in the legal side of transferring property from one person to another.

      So, a Conveyancer is a professional person who can help you through the legal process of selling, buying or mortgaging a property.

      A Conveyancer also be a Solicitor, licensed Conveyancer or a Chartered Legal Executive. They are all here to help you smoothly through the exciting process of home buying and selling.

    • What do solicitors do when buying a house (UK)?

      Whether you are buying or selling a home, a solicitor or licenced conveyancer will deal with the transfer of ownership of your property. Your solicitor or conveyancer will handle the contracts, give you legal advice, carry out the local council searches, deal with the Land Registry office, and transfer the money to buy your new home.

      To make the legal side of buying a home go as smoothly as possible, Birchall Blackburn Law has expert property solicitors and conveyancers with a wealth of experience, who will guide you through every stage.

    • Do you need a local solicitor when buying a home?

      No, you do not need a local solicitor or licenced conveyancer to buy your new home. It is much more important to find a property solicitor and licenced conveyancer with proven legal experience and expertise. Birchall Blackburn Law acts on behalf of thousands of house buyers a year from across England and Wales. Wherever you are you can contact your solicitor or conveyancer directly by phone or email.

    • How much are solicitor costs when buying a house?

      Solicitor and conveyancing costs vary depending on such things as the type of property, type of ownership and the results of local searches. On average you can expect to pay between £850 and £1,500, including 20% VAT, and the local authority will also charge for the searches on the property you are buying.

      The best thing to do is use our free online conveyancing fee calculator or talk to one of our experts directly by phone, email or fill in your details to request a call back. You will not be charged for the initial enquiry and we will be happy to give you a quote and talk through solicitor and licence conveyancer costs.

    • Can I buy a house without a solicitor?

      There is no legal requirement to use a property solicitor or licenced conveyancer when buying a house or apartment. However, the legal side of buying a home is complicated and can be time consuming unless you know what you are doing. It is recommended that you use a qualified and experienced professional. It is our job to make sure the buying of your new home is as smooth and quick as possible.

    • Can I put an offer on a house without a solicitor?

      You do not need a solicitor to make an offer when buying a house in England and Wales. You can make an offer to an estate agent verbally or in writing. If you do make the offer verbally, it is advised that you confirm the offer amount in an email or letter. The estate agent is required to pass your offer on to the current owner of the house for consideration.

      If the offer is accepted, remember to make sure the estate agent no longer advertises the house or apartment for sale and viewings. Otherwise, you risk someone making a higher offer. You should receive a letter from the estate agent confirming your offer and its acceptance.

    • What do you need a solicitor for when buying a house?

      A solicitor or licenced conveyancer will take care of all the legal aspects of buying your new home. They will oversee the legal process and lawful transfer of the ownership of the house or apartment to you. An experienced solicitor or conveyancer will keep you regularly updated, either by phone, email or online portal – or a combination of all three – and will be happy to answer any questions you have about buying a home.

    • Do I need a solicitor to buy a house for cash?

      Yes, you still need a solicitor or licenced conveyancer if you are buying your new home for cash. A solicitor or conveyancer will still need to deal with the contracts, Land Registry office, and transfer the money to complete the purchase. While your solicitor will not have to liaise with a mortgage lender, it is recommended that a solicitor or conveyancer requests local authority searches.

    • What kind of solicitor do I need to buy a house?

      If you are buying a home, you will need a specialist property solicitor or licenced conveyancer. Make sure they are experienced, have a good reputation and are reasonably priced.

    • What to ask a solicitor when buying a house?

      It is important that you choose an experienced and reliable solicitor or conveyancer to help buy your new home. A good solicitor and conveyancer should always be available to answer any questions you have in a timely fashion. But in the first instance ask how much you will be charged and what work that includes? Ask who will be the person to handle the purchase of your new home? Does your solicitor or conveyancer have any holidays coming up? How will the solicitor or conveyancer keep you up to date with progress? How often will they keep you informed? How many conveyancing cases have they dealt with? What can you do to help speed up the buying process? What security do they have in place to prevent conveyancing fraud, scams and hacking?

    • What is the solicitor process when buying a house?

      Once you have chosen and instructed a solicitor or conveyancer, the seller’s solicitor or conveyancer will be sent a contract pack along with a Property Information Form and a Fittings and Contents Form. These documents contain information about the house or apartment you are buying, a copy of the lease if it is a leasehold property, and the title of the deeds. If you are buying the house with the help of a mortgage, your solicitor or conveyancer will be sent the formally accepted mortgage offer.

      Your solicitor or licenced conveyancer should then arrange an independent property survey to check for any unexpected issues and problems with the home you are buying.

      The next step in the process is to carry our searches on the property and area to identify any hidden surprises. These can include Local Authority, environmental, water and drainage, and flood risk searches. The type of searches will depend on the location of the home you are buying. The solicitor or conveyancer will then be able to provide advice depending on the results of those searches.

      The exchange of contract will happen once you solicitor or conveyancer has resolved any issues with the home. They will then ask you to sign a completion statement, transfer deed and mortgage deed. At this stage your solicitor or conveyancer will do a final check with the Land Registry Office before sending all the documents and deposit to the seller’s solicitors.

      On completion day your solicitor or conveyancer will request the transfer of outstanding balance to the seller. They will liaise with your mortgage lender if it is not a cash sale. They will also secure other document relevant to you new homes and the purchase.

      Post completion your solicitor or conveyancer will for any stamp duty to be paid and register you as the new owner with the Land Registry Office.

    • How many searches do solicitors do when buying a house?

      Your solicitor can conduct a number of searches on your behalf to make sure there are no issues when you come to buy your new home. Mortgage lenders will also require the searches to confirm the property’s value before approving your mortgage. The number of searches will depend on the type of property and its location but usually they will include Local Authority, Land Registry, environmental, water authority, location specific (e.g. a mining or coastal search), and a Chancel repair search.

    Want to know more about buying a home?

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    - Did you know?

    On average, there are 80,000 property purchases per year in the UK.

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