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    Commercial property purchases guided by our experienced solicitors

    Buying a commercial property should be a smooth, swift and exciting process for you. Our job is to take care of the legal steps, highlight any potential complications, and deal with those issues as quickly as possible. You can rest assured that our highly trained and experienced commercial property solicitors and team can take on the legal side of a commercial purchase and keep you regularly updated with timely communications.

    In a nutshell, we will provide a comprehensive review of the property title, raise relevant and pertinent enquiries in accordance with your intended use and future plans for the commercial property, to ensure that you complete the transaction and are able to utilise the property in the way that you wish to.

    The Conveyancing Quality Scheme

    We are an accredited member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. The Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is a recognised standard for quality residential conveyancing.

    How can we help when it comes to buying a commercial property?


    Our expert team has many years of experience taking individuals, partnerships, limited companies and pensions companies, step-by-step, through the commercial buying process. We deal with commercial properties no matter how big or small and provide a complete service from the Heads of Terms stage all the way through to efficiently dealing with all post-completion matters.

    We understand the importance of working with third party advisers, such as property agents and accountants, to reduce transaction time and ensure that matters are handled as smoothly as possible. It is our job to make things more straightforward for you. Our commercial property solicitors will help you with:

    • Property or land acquisitions
    • Commercial property conveyancing
    • Renewing a lease
    • Negotiating rental agreements
    • Estate development and management
    • Property litigation and disputes
    • Commercial borrowing secured against property


    • Do you need a solicitor to buy a commercial property?

      If you are buying a commercial property then you will need the services of a specialist commercial property solicitor. It is important that they have good experience of the complications and issues that might arise from commercial property transactions.

    • Do I need a solicitor for a commercial lease?

      It is not a legal requirement to use a solicitor when entering into a commercial lease but it is recommended. A solicitor must act in the interest of their client and will be qualified to review your lease to ensure that you have protection against contract conditions and issues that may cause you problems now or at a later date.

    • How much do it cost for a solicitor to work on a commercial property purchase?

      Solicitor fees will usually be between 0.5% and 1.25% of the value of the transaction and will depend on how complicated the transaction is. It is important to speak directly with an experienced commercial property solicitor and get a quote. A good firm will be transparent about their fees, possibly negotiate, and make you aware of any potential surprises.

    • What does a commercial property solicitor and conveyancer do?

      It is the job of a commercial property solicitor and conveyancer to efficiently and smoothly transferring the title of a commercial property from one person or company to another. They should deal with the whole legal process and act in your best interest.

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    - Did you know?

    The 62-storey tower, 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London is currently the biggest commercial office development underway in Europe.

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